Play can have an amazing impact on a child's learning and development. Learn how with our Early Years and Schools training offer!

The Reading Play team offer flexible bespoke play training to meet the needs of your organisation, whether you are thinking about continuing professional development options for your workforce, programmes for people returning to work or staff entering employment for the first time.

This can include delivering training at your workplace or an alternative training venue more suitable to you. We are aware of the times and schedules of those involved in Playwork and so are willing to deliver our courses on weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons or evenings.

You can learn more about the benefits of play in schools through the Developing Play in Schools report by Brunel University.

Developing Play in Schools

The Reading Play Training Programme:

Imaginative Play & Storytelling
Starting at £100 for up to 15 delegates

This course has been designed to provide staff with a tool kit for imaginative play. The tool kit enables them to initiate, support and extend imaginative play, while incorporating elements of the EYFS.

The course runs for 2 hours and explores different ways of engaging in imaginative play. It also examines the barriers that may prevent staff from engaging, giving them the support and confidence they need to lead their own Imaginative Play and Storytelling sessions.

For an additional cost we also offer follow up sessions; these will involve the trainer leading on imaginative play and storytelling with the children at your site, while the trainee staff observe and provide a basic level of support. This will then transition into your staff leading and the trainer providing support.

Indoor and Outdoor Games Training
Starting at £100 for up to 15 delegates

A wide variety of indoor and outdoor games are taught. You will also receive copies of a booklet of games to use as a resource for the future. Children are welcome to participate in these sections of the course; this provides them with some exciting play and will help play workers run the games in future, as many of the children will have some familiarity with them.

Thinking Outside the Box
Starting at £100 for up to 15 delegates

In this part of the course we will briefly examine some of the different activities staff currently provide before looking at new, exciting ideas they might offer in the future, including the use of themes and new equipment ideas.

In terms of how the course will be delivered, it can be delivered in the evenings, broken into 3, 2 hour sessions, a series of morning sessions or ran during the course of a day. ‘Play is the thing…’ and indoor games training would be combined into a 2 hour section and outdoor games training will utilise a 2 hour section on its own.

The training is flexible and can incorporate other elements, or focus on particular areas of need.

Den & Fire Building
Starting at £100 for up to 15 delegates

The aim of this workshop is to equip attendees with the skills and confidence to run their own den and fire building session with groups of children. The session will cover:

  • Discussion about which materials you will need for den building
  • Health and Safety considerations
  • Expanding the activity to use dens as part of a piece of interactive storytelling or imaginative play
  • Benefits of fire building
  • Fire safety
  • Equipment needed

You can book this training and more by visiting our Reading Education Services page. Prices start at £100 for up to 20 delegates

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